Since 2008 a group of artists, who have pioneered a creative lifestyle in this tiny unpretentious place, have opened up their houses and studios to share their creativity with art lovers. The Baardskeerdersbos Art Route is becoming legendary and it flourishes over two weekends a year, in spring and autumn.

Next Art Routes: 27 April – 28 April 2019

26 October - 27 October 2019

kom kuier …

featured image Coleen Emmenis - Pomegranate

Eva Gilliam

Coleen (No. 4 on the map) has taken part in over 40 national and international exhibitions and has sold a vast amount of work over this period.

Her work for her Master’s degree earned her the chancellor’s award as best masters student 2006 and was selected to be exhibited at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town.

Since leaving Cape Town, Coleen has joined forces with Annalie Theunissen of Art-i-Kapa, and been involved with the training of leadership programs in craft production and project managing skills programs for the Overberg region.…

Ivan Trollip - Knersvlakte

Ivan Trollip

Ivan (No. 5 on the map) has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity since he began painting full time in 1991. Years of practical experience as a landscape artist, has given him the wonderful sense of perspective and composition found in all his oil and acrylic works. His subjects range from wildlife to abstract and florals, for which he is best known. His love of the wild and his intimate knowledge of our local fauna and flora is combined with his own creative personality, resulting in a joyous celebration of colour, diversity and harmony in all his works.…