April 2019 Art Route


27 APRIL – 28 APRIL 2019
10AM – 5PM

List of Artists and Guest Artists:

EVA GILLIAM (no. 4) Landscape Painting, Bronze
LESLIE VAN STAVERN MILLAR ll – Encaustic, Gouache

IVAN TROLLIP (no. 5) Painting, Prints

LIZ VAN DEN BERG (no. 7) Painting, Japanese Fish Prints (Gyotaku)
HANNA NAUDE – Painting

JOSHUA MILES (no. 9) Woodcut Mono Prints + Reduction Woodcut Prints
Exhibiting at Ivan Trollip’s B’bos Gallery (no. 5)

NIËL JONKER (no. 11) Landscape Painting, Bronze

KALI VAN DER MERWE (no. 13) Fine Art Photography, Bell Jar Installations
YOKO REIJN – Painting

AMANDA JEPHSON (no. 14) Oil Painting, Etching
BAMBOESINA VAN DIE SEE  – Poetry Performance Installation
YVONNE DE WIT – Jewelry Design

PHILIP JOHN (no.18) Sculpture, Drawing

JAN VINGERHOETS (no.19) Functional Art
SUE VINGERHOETS  – Weatherwork



Meet our guest artists for the APRIL 2019 Art Route

The Baardskeerdersbos Art Route exhibits guest artists along with the core group of artists who live in the area. This enriches the experience, adding diversity and variety. We have and continue to host established artists of a professional and accomplished calibre as well as artists who are just starting out or returning to their creativity and exercising their exhibition wings.

come explore …

LESLIE VAN STAVERN MILLAR ll at Eva Gilliam no. 4


Leslie Van Stavern Millar II is an Independent Visual Artist who has been living and working in Western Montana, U. S. A. since 1972.

Leslie’s rich life experiences inform her art and art making processes. As a child, Leslie lived for four years in Iran and traveled extensively with her family in Europe. She was fortunate to be exposed to Persian Art, Greek, Roman and Iranian archaeology, European fairy tales, major art museums, life in the bazaar, and visits to exotic locations prior to the development of the contemporary tourist industry.

Leslie is from a family line of artists and scientists. Following graduation from Mount Holyoke College, she pursued her interest in art making, incorporating a scientific, investigative approach. Leslie works in series, matching the technique – gouache painting, encaustic (beeswax on wood), a variety of photographic mediums, and printmaking – with a particular theme or concept.

Leslie shows in museums and galleries, both regional and national. Her art is included in public and private collections, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Northwest U.S., the University of Montana, the Jundt Art Museum and the Missoula Art Museum. Leslie is the recipient of a PROP Foundation grant, several Montana Arts Council Grants, five fellowships to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and exhibition awards.  She runs a building for artists and writers at the historic Brunswick building in Missoula, Montana.

Leslie takes a leadership role in advocating for public support and visibility for the arts in her community. She is a frequent speaker on panels and interfaces regularly with  news media.

Leslie will be offering an Encaustic Workshop – see below on workshops and special events.

Leslie Van Stavern Millar is the guest artist of  EVA GILLIAM

WILLEM STIGLINGH at Liz van den Berg no. 7


Willem Stiglingh – Age 66

After a lifetime of study, getting married, having children and pursuing a career in Psychology with specialisation in Trauma ,relationship therapy and sexology I now have the time to give full flight to my artistic temperament and ability.

My yearning to create art in various forms started during my childhood and all the hand skills and creative ability I have acquired in time are self taught as the course of my life never allowed time or opportunity to do formal training.

I have acquired by time skills to work with a variety of media and I am comfortable to work on commission in any of those. I hand craft original individual work and I do not mass produce any of my designs. I enjoy using Jelutong wood from Indonesia for carving as the fine grain allows detail carving but I also use wood hacked from invasive species to protect our indigenous fynbos.

Willem Stiglingh is the guest artist of LIZ VAN DEN BERG

HANNA NAUDE at Liz van den Berg no. 7


” Ekt woon en werk in en vanuit Montagu. Het die Art bazaar kunsskool, bly aan d lewe van kuns, brood en water uit d sloot en is heel tevrede soms. Probeer eerder minder as meer wees en sukkel met ander mense se filters. Amen.”

Hanna Naude is the guest artist of LIZ VAN DEN BERG

GWENDOLYN MEYER at Niel Jonker no. 11

33°59’16.7”S 18°52’16.6”E

I use photography to explore the world. Of particular interest is how photographs, despite being a representative medium, can portray both concrete and ambiguous meaning. In this transitory phenomena sometimes the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the personal connects to something larger and iconic.

Of late I focus on how the visual is a platform to consider ideas about people and place at this planetary turning point.

Email: gwenmeyer@mac.com  Cellphone / whatsapp: 0822552867 Website: gwendolynmeyer.com      Instagram: @likethelemon

Gwendolyn Meyer is the guest artist of NIEL JONKER

YOKO REIJN at no.13


Colour is my medium: It is very personal and individual loaded with feelings, triggering memories, sensations. Through the years my style developed into staining the surface application after application.

What excites me tremedously is us being human in our unique individual experience of nature, spirituality, emotions. As an artist I respond to my environment, thoughts, and inner motions and with the need to articulate, express and communicate my being. You will recognise this in the work.

Having lived in several countries and in different cultures. I come to realise that when I want to understand other people, their and mine ways of using form is very limited. Each culture has its very own symbols and own ways to express and to communicate their experiences.

Also, an identical form can mean completely opposite things in different cultures.
Thus, as a foreigner in a search for more universal communication naturally my search for expression moves behind conventional form.
My aim is to find ways to express and communicate most directly the experiences we all share as human beings.

For me, abstract art draws its value mainly from its mental/spiritual aspect and my vision is to be found within eastern philosophy:
Everything is impermanent, cause and effect, and ever-changing. These aspects find expression in my paintings.

Why do I paint?
What can be the aim of my work?
For myself to express and reflect the above vision. For it to be meaningful however, the work has to be shared and seen.

The display of my work is an attempt to communicate in a very direct non-intellectual manner.

My wish is that you in yourself engage in this communication while enjoying and interpreting the work with your view; That what exists for us is the personal experience of what we perceive.

This experience may be pleasant or unpleasant. It depends on how we see beauty or ugly, are at peace or in anger.

As the creator of this work I hope to touch you in the heart when you start creating it yourself with your very own reality.

Born and raised in the Netherlands. From childhood painting has always been a big part of my life. In 1981 my husband and I moved to Germany.
From 2001 we live in South Africa and since 2018 our home is Kleinbaai. Since 2012 I have been working as a full-time painter from my studio at home and exhibit regularly in mainly South African galleries.

Yoko Reijn is the guest artist of KALI VAN DER MERWE

BAMBOESINA VAN DIE SEE at Amanda Jephson no.14


Bamboesina is named after the beautiful abundant life giving See Bamboes (seaweed) of her area where perlemoen thrives. Poachers are raping it all- hence the poacher man made from deadly stuff all mixed up in the kelp where birds nest wade and graze

See Bamboes (seaweed) is anchored in the sea and it is also anchoring me to the sea
It gets strangled in deadly fishing and poaching gear
Just like the poacher getting strangled himself
So am I also tangled up in plastic life stuff myself

At 12am and 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday Bamboesina van die See will be performing her original poetry – Die Heks van Kasteelkop – a 15min Afrikaans poem  

For the 3pm performances, she will be joined by Toni Jephson and Mercy Kamanga reciting 20th century British poetry

Bamboesina van die See is the guest artist of AMANDA JEPHSON

YVONNE DE WIT at Amanda Jephson no.14


Yvonne de Wit studied Fine Art in the Netherlands and lives since 19 years in South Africa.

Mesmerised by the colourful pallet of the Overberg mountains she began to collect stones and soils. After a few Land Art projects she started to combine her collection of earth particles with copper, brass and Sterling Silver into pieces of jewellery that reflect the land in a different way.

Each piece is an ode to Mother Earth.

A second line is jewellery created from recycled scrap metals; merely plumbing material.

Her jewellery is recognised by a growing number of jewellery collectors around the globe for their design originality and the use (combination) of natural resources.

Yvonne de Wit is the guest artist of AMANDA JEPHSON

SUE VINGERHOETS at Jan Vingerhoets no.19


With various art instruction since childhood and a narrow escape from an architecture degree, she has emerged from a long hiatus from art and begun on a new creative journey. As a firm believer of using what you have and keeping things out of landfill, her medium changes according to what she can reclaim. Embracing the elements which previously prevented her from painting, she is engaging with nature to use wind, rain, dew and sun to create new artworks as the narrative of her life path.

“Wind #1” medium: PVA on canvas with wind

“Untitled” medium: PVA and acrylic on canvas with wind

Sue Vingerhoets is the guest artist of JAN VINGERHOETS

Workshops and Special Events 27 – 28 April 2019

To add to your knowledge, skills and enjoyment, the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route has very special events taking place over the weekend of the route. These vary from demonstrations and workshops given by the artists and guest artists, to informal talks, special meals cooked by the artists, food inspired by art as well as musical events dovetailing with art.

come engage … learn … feast … celebrate …
Encaustic Workshop at EVA GILLIAM no. 4

Leslie Van Tavern Millar ll will be offering a workshop in Encaustics on 26 April from 9 am to 1 pm.

Introduction to Encaustic (Clear and Coloured Beeswax on varied supports), an extremely versatile and highly permanent contemporary medium.

Techniques presented in this workshop will include preparing an encaustic ground; fusing; brushing; texture; layering; enscribing lines; image transfers using toner images and transfer paper; introduction to collage; dipping techniques; glazing with pigment sticks and employing safe practices.

Millar is a profession artist who has exhibited her encaustic work in several museum and gallery exhibition in the United States.

Cost of workshop includes practice materials (Coloured wax, Beeswax, Rag Paper, 1/2 panels per participant and other materials).

Early registration by March 28th R 775  / Regular registration R900.
Class size is limited to 8 participants.
Message Host Artist Eva Gilliam 071 644 4001
schmeva@gmail.com) for information and sign up.

Friday – 26 April 2019
9:00 – 11:15 Brief introduction to encaustics.  Demo of set-up preparation and various techniques.
11:15 – 11:30 Short break and discussion
11:30 – 13:00 Practice session

On the days of the Art Route, we will be serving Tea, Coffee and sweet snacks.

Tasty Take Aways at IVAN TROLLIP no. 5








Tasty Take Away Treats created by local B’bossers Sue and Albert

Exotic Lunch at KALI VAN DER MERWE no. 13

Jon Daamen - lachende bloemist

Caribbean Fried Rice (tropical veg, smoked meats and seafood)
Sweet Potato Ginger and Coconut soup (vegan)

Cooked with passion by the inimitable Jon Daamen who lived in Suriname for many decades.

Price: R50.00 per plate, serving Saturday and Sunday

Environmental Connection at KALI VAN DER MERWE no. 13 + AMANDA JEPSON no.14

Expect the unexpected happenings will pop up from time to time

Weatherwork at JAN VINGERHOETS no. 19

Sue Vingerhoets will be doing live Weatherwork, weather permitting, on both days at 11 am.

If the wind isn’t blowing, it ain’t happening…