Eva Gilliam

Eva was born in California and raised in Texas and New York City in a family of musicians and visual artists. Her undergraduate studies in Anthropology inspired her to take the first opportunity to work overseas, and in 2005 moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo to work for the United Nations peacekeeping mission as a journalist and radio producer.

In 2005 she relocated to Cape Town to do a Master’s degree at the Institute for Film and New Media at the University of Cape Town, after which she began a successful freelancing career working for various international media broadcasters, NGOs and UN organisations covering political, social and humanitarian events throughout Africa.

Eva’s visual acuity, combined with her curiosity and empathy with her subjects, bring a powerful and unique story-telling quality to her video and photo work. Coupled with the unique travel she is able to do with clients such as the United Nation’s Children’s Fund and the World Food Programme, she has access to remote places, and profound interactions with unique individuals that are inaccessible to your average traveller. She is able to capture the essence of these places and people through images that transmute her own experience, bringing empathy and understanding to the viewer.

Eva relocated to Baardskeerdersbos in 2018 from Cape Town. She continues to travel in Africa to film and photograph, bringing her edits back to B’bos and her little slice of heaven.

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Website: Eva Gilliam Vimeo