Guest artists

The Baardskeerdersbos Art Route exhibits guest artists along with the core group of artists who live in the area. This enriches the experience, adding diversity and variety. We have and continue to host established artists of a professional and accomplished calibre as well as artists who are just starting out or returning to their creativity and exercising their exhibition wings.

come fly with us …

Previous Guest Artists have included:

Alex Hamilton
Sylvie Groschatau as Syl”Batik
Louis Stroh van der Walt
Herman van Bon
Yvonne de Wit
Jon Daamen
Cathy Brennon
Lawrance Brennon
Brenda Shelley
Jacqueline Weinmann
Hanna Naude
Jannie Uitlander
Vincent Meyburgh
Martie Lochner
Hendrik Johannes

Weyers du Toit
Mark Chapman
Lynda Kropman
Gaby Beyers-Hare
Kali Griffin
Daniel Griffin
Diane Johnson Ackerman
Leli Hoch
Roger Young
Theo Paul Vorster
Linda Whittle
Jenny HolmesMadeleine Hon
Khanyisa Ndonga
Madelein Marincowitz
Clare Menck

Gareth Williams
Braam van Zyl
Kevin de Klerk
Juria Le Roux
Gabriel Clarke-Brown
Vernon Swart
Hanneke Benade
Bryan Drayang van Rijswijk
Niels Bastiaensen
Jon Daamen
Hannalie Taute
Gillian Hahn
Ledelle Moe
Belinda Blignaut
Friday Jibu
Jean Bradshaw
Juhlène Möller