Lainy Carpenter

My art compositions are meditation therapy in a deep inner space, where parallel universes are embraced and I access my true self.

I grew up in Walvisbaai, Namibia where I was involved in my family’s hospitality business from an early age. In this beautiful environment the desert flow and silence was my escape and happy place, and I’m forever grateful for this connection with nature. After hotel school, and some travel I moved to the Cape, and created a successful guest house with my husband. This work was demanding, yet satisfying and in striving to find centeredness, quiet and balance, I turned to Gouache as my free flow expressions on canvas. My art time allowed for self-exploration and Astrology guided new directions and colour both in life and on the canvas.

In 2018 B’bos became our home, and in this peaceful place I’ve found the balance of adventure, beauty, nature, care and creativity. Being part of the well-established Baardskeerdersbos Art Route will bring yet more growth to my world and I am excited to draw from the pool of vast knowledge that the other artists bring to nurture my work.

I am committed to my own growth and evolution, which will reflect in my pieces. I treasure the small scale, eccentric and the unique, and am naturally beginning to magnify other practices of art in this space, hoping to draw the right people to us.