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March 2017 Baardskeerdersbos Art Route

Since 2008 a group of artists, who have pioneered a creative lifestyle in this tiny unpretentious place, have opened up their houses and studios to share their creativity with art lovers. The Baardskeerdersbos Art Route is becoming legendary and it flourishes over two weekends a year, in spring and autumn.

The most recent Art Route took place on 25 & 26 March 2017

List of Artists and Guest Artists for the March 2017 Art Route:

COLEEN EMMENIS (no. 4) Painting, Sculpture

IVAN TROLLIP (no. 5) Painting, Prints

LIZ VAN DEN BERG (no. 7) Painting, Japanese Fish Prints (Gyotaku) + Body Prints

JOSHUA MILES (no. 9) Woodcut Mono Prints + Reduction Woodcut Prints

NIËL JONKER (no. 11) Landscape Painting, Bronze
AnZu Spore Prints, Dung Sculpture
FRIDAY JIBU Wood Sculpture

KALI VAN DER MERWE (no. 13) Fine Art Photography, Bell Jar Installations
JON DAAMEN Floral Art Paintings
NIELS BASTIAANSEN Photography, Land-art

BRENDA PARKER (no.16) Jewellery

PHILIP JOHN (no.18) Sculpture, Drawing

JAN VINGERHOETS (no.19) Functional Art

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Workshops and Special Events 25 and 26 March 2017

To add to your knowledge, skills and enjoyment, the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route has very special events taking place over the weekend of the route. These vary from demonstrations and workshops given by the artists and guest artists, to informal talks, special meals cooked by the artists, food inspired by art as well as musical events dovetailing with art.

come engage … learn … feast … celebrate …

Taste Art at LOKAL (H on the map)

Lokal Bbos Suzi Holtzhausen popupLOKAL is a pop-up restaurant venue in Baardskeerdersbos run by Lainy and Stanley Carpenter, where once a month chef Suzi Holtzhausen works her magic on local produce. During the March Art Route, Suzi will create a magnificent 4 course menu, inspired by particular artworks from Baardskeerdersbos artists. The actual artworks will be for sale and displayed at the venue. This will be your chance to feast your senses and literally … taste art.
There will be 3 menu sittings over the weekend: Early and Late Lunch on Saturday and Late Lunch on Sunday. Pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited. or 082 909 0512.
Read more about LOKAL here …

Batik workshops at no. 11

Workshops and Special Eventsby Sylvie Groschatau as Syl’Batik
Saturday 2pm – 4pm
A hands on experience!
All material (wax, satin and paint) as well as Sylvie’s extensive experience will be provided.
Price: R250.00 per person

Exotic Lunch at no. 13

Jon Daamen - lachende bloemistEnjoy a Caribbean Vegetable Curry or a Surinamese Chicken and Peanut Stew.
Cooked with passion by the inimitable Jon Daamen who lived in Suriname for many decades.
Price: R50.00 per plate, serving Saturday and Sunday

The Baardskeerdersbos Art Route exhibits guest artists along with the core group of artists who live in the area. This enriches the experience, adding diversity and variety. We have and continue to host established artists of a professional and accomplished calibre as well as artists who are just starting out or returning to their creativity and exercising their exhibition wings.

come fly with us …

Meet our guest artists for the Art Route : 25 & 26 March 2017

Bryan Drayang van Rijswijk

Bryan Drayang van Rijswijk(means noble or hillock of melodious sound of the scrub land)
Born in Kaapstad (Cape Town) on the 19.04.1964 in a Chinese Wood Dragon year and ja an Aries.
Childhood years growing up in Plumstead up tree houses and out on the Cape Flats in Phillippi at my Grandparent’s home going on picnics at Zandvlei. Schooled at Wynberg Boys – I think I’m still trying to recover and maybe they are too. Teenage years spent surfing, dancing in the Punk/Reggae clubs and being a Pinball King, drinking Fanta in red hightops.
An interesting year doing Fashion Design at CPUT and an even more interesting Adv. Diploma in Fine Art majoring in Sculpture followed and I’m sure even more interesting stories are still circulating all of which are not true of course.
Since then I’ve probably done more low paid jobs than one can imagine including building jetties, house painting, movie extra, gardening, fresh juice maker, handy man, kitchen hand, house and doggie sitter and yes, twelve years of teaching Art & Design from Grade 1 – 5 ( St Joseph’s ), Grade 10 -12 ( Sans Souci Girls’, Boston House College and Abbotts’ College ) and tertiary at the CPUT Foundation Course and a few blocks here and there at Michaelis School of Art, UCT. I also spent a year in a Tibetan Bhuddist Monastery in Scotland.
The last decade has been spent making Art freelance and the occasional odd creative project. I won’t say too much about working as an artisanal bread baker for 7 months in between.
Bryan is the guest artist of Kali van der Merwe.

Niels Bastiaensen

Niels BastiaensenCaribbean born photographer Niels Bastiaensen lived mostly in West Africa before he came with his parents, a vet and a florist, to the Overberg to settle on a farm near Napier. His love for Africa and Nature turned him into a keen nature photographer at the early age of 10. As a teenager Niels did workshops with Andre Bonthuys and Kali van der Merwe to expand his view on photography and used this knowledge for his much sought after calendars. Later he obtained the Higher Certificate of Commercial Photography at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography where he is currently studying Visual Communications. His photographs show a unique perspective on nature and already found their way into several collections worldwide.
Niels is the guest artist of Kali van der Merwe.

Jon Daamen

Jon Daamen - lachende bloemistJon Daamen is a Dutch florist who lived most of her life in the Caribbean and in Africa. She makes two dimensional collages from natural materials. Her other passion in life is food, preferably peoples’ party food. She learned to cook the national dishes and festive food of every country she lived in before she settled on her farm near Napier and now cooks her exotic dishes on special events in the Overberg such as the Bbos artroute
Both artist are currently experimenting with joined works combining their personal skills. These mixed media works will be on shown for the first time at the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route.
Jon Daamen’s website
Jon Daamen is the guest artist of Kali van der Merwe.


AnZuAnZu is a practicing artivist living between Cape Town and Toulouse (France). He has worked on a variety of solo and group projects, exhibitions and productions within South Africa, Mexico, France and Germany.
AnZu studied architecture at the University of Cape Town and has a proficiency in 3D conception and design that is brought to fore through the use of materials particularly wood, hot glass, metals and paper.
AnZu collaborates in a number of creative endeavours that span theatre, film, architecture, design, exhibitions, sculpture and painting. He has conceived of and created works for both the public and domestic interaction.
AnZu’s website
AnZu is the guest artist of Niel Jonker.

Sylvie Groschatau as Syl’Batik

Sylvie GroschatauI started Batik in Chiapas, Mexico in 1996. Working on large satin pieces and using transparencies and participated to the Chamula Indigenous Festival in Chiapas. A few months later, I put up my first exhibition in Mexico City with my partner AnZu : 8 large (3mx2,50 in silk) Batik were sold on the first night.
I made Cape Town my home and opened my Batik studio in Oude Molen Eco Village in 1998 where I started creating under the name of Syl’Batik as well as producing artworks for the Malpitte exhibitions in and around Cape Town.
In 2000 the French fashion designer Christian Lacroix commissioned two large silk pieces for his winter collection and several exhibitions followed between Paris and Cape Town, including two exhibitions at the Alliance Française in Cape Town and the South African embassy in Paris.
I have, through all these years, developed a very unique technique of Batik almost obsessively detailed and hand painted. I work mostly on silk and satin and produce my own range of home decoration and fashion as well as creating artworks for events and by commission.
In 2014 Syl’Batik collaborated with Congolese tailor LC Collection to create “Fashion sur Mesure” in Cape Town and a variety of accessories such as the Smart Bags.
In 2015 Syl’Batik collaborated with AnZu to create a Zeppelin covered in 6 meters of batik, an Air Float AnZu designed as part of the Cape Town Carnival “Elemental”
Syl’Batik had a solo exhibition in Paris in May 2015 at the Gallery Catherine Clare and created a stage backdrop for the event “Hétérotopies” in Toulouse, August 2015 as well as received commissions for large batik artworks by private clients in Cape Town in 2016. Syl’Batik was invited to the world music festival “Les Escales de Saint Nazaire” to create a Batik installation “Colis Supect” in August 2016.
Sylvie Groschatau as Syl’Batik website
Sy’Batik will be hosted with Niel Jonker.

Friday Jibu

Friday JibuBorn in 1974, Friday currently lives between Dedza in Mua, Malawi, an area renowned for its wood carving culture and Cape Town.
Friday started carving wood at the young age of ten years. He is currently the fourth generation in his family to devote their lives to woodcarving: “I learned how to carve wood when I was ten years old back in Malawi” said Friday. “It is a skill I inherited from my father who taught us (me and my brothers) how to carve different types of wood”.
In 2008, Friday travelled to South Africa for the first time to exhibit some of his work in Johannesburg. His present work includes life size carvings of both human and animal skulls in jacaranda wood.
According to Friday, “To carve the wood I use a chisel and it takes me about two to three days to carve the smallest products. I work alone and mainly use two different types of wood: ebony which is brought down from Malawi, and jacaranda which is locally sourced. These two types of wood are strong and easier to carve. I then put varnish on some products to give them a shining colour and some I prefer not varnish on them this is to keep the natural colour of the wood.”
It takes Friday a month to carve one of the human skulls. Passionate about the art of carving, Friday also passes on his knowledge through classes at the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art in Mua, Malawi. His unique ability, style and technique set him apart from the traditional rural woodcarver, to an artist who creates contemporary pieces of art.
Friday’s work was part of the Southern Guild 2010 collection that was shown at the Johannesburg Art Fair in March 2010.
Friday will be the guest artist of Niel Jonker.

Jean Bradshaw

Jean BradshawI trained as a scientist and only I took up photography as a hobby in 2005. I have done numerous workshops in different aspects of photography with the aim of improving my visual literacy and photoshop techniques. I am a member Full Spectrum, a small group of ladies with a passion for photography, and the Cape Town Photographic Society. My photographic interests lie in landscapes/seascapes and macro, but recently have had fun experimenting with digital photographic art.
Jean Bradshaw is the guest artist of Brenda Parker.

Juhlène Möller

Juhlene MollerJuhlène grew up in the Waterberg. During her school holidays she worked at Kraft Studios and Gallery in Tshwane.
She studied languages and linguistics at the University of Pretoria. She manufactured her own clays and exhibited at galleries and fairs with her work featuring in the SA Ceramics Magazine.
Post studies she moved to Somerset West and taught ceramics at Strand Technical College and was the curator at Fagan Street Gallery and hosted two notable exhibitions.
Juhlène joined the film industry in 1995 and worked until 2016 in departments as diverse as continuity, camera, art and accounting.
She took a sabbatical in 2016 to give renewed focus to her artistic output. During this time,she developed fresh bio and science hacking techniques employed in abstract expressionist, abstract figurative and asemic photographic work.
Juhlène employs a quirky stubborn penchant for five letter words as titles to her work.
Her exhibition history includes:
ArtB – Monoprints – Curated by Clare Menck and Jono Comerford with technical assistance by Theo Paul Vorster.
ArtB – Committee’s Choice – Curated by ArtB committee members.
Breytenbach Gallery at Wellington: Angels, Demons and Gargoyles.
Juhlène shares space as the guest artist of Liz van den Berg (Gyotaku Master).

Guest artists’ Gallery

Download and print the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route 25 & 26 March 2017 map:

Baardskeerdersbos Art Route map