October 2019 Art Route

There’s no Art Route quite like ours. Come and experience something special and unique.

26th and 27th of October

10AM – 5PM

List of Artists and Guest Artists:

EVA GILLIAM (no. 4) Photography.

Nina Schein-Murzl – Abstract Painting incorporating Collage.

Yvonne de Wit – Jewellery.

IVAN TROLLIP (no. 5) Painting, Prints.

LIZ VAN DEN BERG (no. 7) Painting, Japanese Fish Prints (Gyotaku).

JOSHUA MILES (no. 9) Woodcut Mono Prints + Reduction Woodcut Prints
Exhibiting at Ivan Trollip’s B’bos Gallery (no. 5).

NIËL JONKER (no. 11) Landscape Painting, Bronze.

Lies Hoogendoorn – paintings and sketch books.
Hester van der Walt – author.

KALI VAN DER MERWE (no. 13) Fine Art Photography, Taxidermy.

Fred Hatman – Through-glass Photography.

BRENDA PARKER (no.16) Jewellery

Wendy Girdlestone – Painting and charcoal drawing.

PHILIP JOHN (no.18) Sculpture, Drawing.

JAN VINGERHOETS (no.19) Art with Function, from salvaged material.

Sue Vingerhoets  – Weatherwork (painting with the elements).

Introducing our Guest Artists

Nina Schein-Murzl is a multi-medium visual artist who has been living in Baardskeerdersbos for the last several years.  Nina is working with her son, Felix, 3 years old, in exploring abstract approaches to painting, incorporating elements from her natural surroundings in a collage-like style. Coming from a family of visual artists, she and Felix approach their collaborative art-making in a playful and positive way.  This will be the first time Nina and Felix will be participating in the Art Route.

Yvonne de Wit studied Fine Art in the Netherlands and has lived in South Africa since 2000. Inspired by the Overberg mountains she collects stones and soils. Her Land Art projects lead her to combine earth particles with Sterling Silver into jewellery that reflect the South African Landscape. Each piece is an ode to Mother Earth. Her second collection consists of jewellery made of recycled metals.

Her jewellery is recognized by a growing number of jewellery collectors around the globe for her designs, originality and the use (combination) of natural resources from the African continent.

Instagram: @yvonnedewitjewelry


Lies Hoogendoorn has been drawing since she can remember. She likes to play; to put words and images together. Hence her collection of scores of visual diaries which have never been on exhibition before.
Apart from her books, Lies works on board with oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, pen and ink and wool and needle. Her favourite artists are Vincent van  Gogh, Rembrandt, Turner, Ryno Swarts and, of course Niel Jonker! Lies will show her visual diaries, paintings and her famous troospoppies (comfort dolls) on Niel’s stoep.

Hester van der Walt prefers reading, writing and making to speaking. After settling  in McGregor nearly 20 years ago she has published two books, now available in Afrikaans and English. In Hester se Brood (Hester’s Book of Bread) she tells the story of falling in love with bread making. Hence her connection with Broodbroer Niel, who built the bread oven on Poena’s werf.
Hester’s memoir “Se my is julle twee Susters?” (“Are you two Sisters?”) was launched in Cape Town and recently at Poetry in McGregor to great acclaim. “It is a testimony to the power of the human spirit, and the love that overcomes all”, – Deborah Steinmar, Litnet.
Copies of Hester’s books will be on sale on Niel’s stoep.

Fred Hatman was nine years old when a teacher, mightily frustrated by the boy’s apparent refusal to pay attention in class, actually realised that there might be a problem with his eyes.
And so it was that Fred’s mother led him into Giles’ Opticians in Theatre Lane, Pietermaritzburg. In no time at all, Fred was diagnosed with acute astigmatism and prescribed a pair of rather lens-heavy glasses.
He nearly fell to the ground in a dizzy spell brought on by the sudden rush of colour and clarity when the specs were first placed on his nose. The tarmac in Theatre Lane leapt into his eyes in frighteningly sharp relief, the mannequins in the windows of John Orr’s suddenly wore painted eyelashes and school friends walking on the other side of Church Street could now be waved at.
Fred’s world had changed. Until this moment, most things at which he had squinted were smudged, blurred, the edges of unrecognisable matter lost in the light. He had played alone in hedges where it was shadowy and safe and a variety of insects could be studied at nose-length, a reliable source of wonder.
Having cataracts removed and plastic lenses sewn into his eyes in 2016 brought refreshed clarity to Fred’s eyes. And changed the way he saw photography. His photography – which had been primarily been about capturing street scenes in black-and-white and landscapes in colour. Staring through the old opaque glass window pane in a toilet at a friend’s house in July, 2017 reminded Fred of his early-years eyesight – or lack of it. This excited him. He started collecting various pieces of old distorted glass and experimenting with the smudgy, blurry images he could see through them. Especially when held at a certain angle to the light.
This took Fred back into a familiar otherworld, an abstract place where his child-eyes still lived – and he sensed his future as an artist lay.
A place where magic abounds.

Fred Hatman – Through-glass Photographer

Cell: 072-722 1406 e-mail: fredhatman@gmail.com

Instagram: fredhatmanphoto

Wendy Girdlestone started her career as a fashion designer in 1992. She left the Clothing industry in the late 90’s to join her husband’s family business as one of the first yacht charter operators in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and later opened her own travel business creating bespoke tours for travelers to South Africa.
“10 years ago I decided to pick up a paint brush again. I have been attending classes under the guidance of Paul Birchall who has been a great mentor and friend. Like anything in life art requires dedication; putting in the hours, learning to understand colour, different techniques, subject matter, the medium you are working in or experimenting with. You never stop learning.”
“The art I create is my form of meditation and allows me to be mindful of who and where I am. For those hours that I sit and put paintbrush to canvas or charcoal to paper my mind becomes still and focused on the subject in front of me. The demands of everyday life stop and I become present in that moment in time. Being creative has helped me deal with my depression, relieves my anxiety and helps me gain perspective along this complex journey we call life.”
“I have recently started working in Charcoal and am loving it. The medium feels like a comfy warm jacket it sits well with me. I love the texture of the different charcoal pieces and the fact that it is organic. I can manipulate the charcoal with my hands, the process is very tactile”.
Wendy was born and lives in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa with her husband Craig and 5 year old daughter Isla.

Sue Vingerhoets: With various art instruction since childhood and a narrow escape from an architecture degree, Sue has emerged from a long hiatus from art and begun on a new creative journey. As a firm believer in using what you have and keeping things out of landfill, her medium changes according to what she can reclaim. Embracing the elements which previously prevented her from painting, she is engaging with nature to use wind, rain, dew and sun to create new artworks as the narrative of her life path.

Her last exhibition before this year was in Marin County CA in the mid 90s.

Also happening…


A leisurely 5 course luncheon Saturday, Sunday, Monday by celebrated chef Suzi Holtzhausen
Inspired by creations by guest artists exhibiting at the Art Route
Pre bookings only – Lainy 082 909 0512

Local B’bossers, Sue and Albert, will be selling their very tasty and popular Prego rolls and vegetarian burgers on the stoep at Ivan Trollip’s B’bosGallery (#5 on the map)

Exotic Lunch at Kali (#13 on the map), cooked with passion by Jon Daamen. On offer is West Indian Chicken Curry and, suitable for vegans, Caribbean Callaloo.

Weather permitting (i.e. wind must be blowing) Sue Vingerhoets will be doing a demonstration of her Weatherwork at 11am on each day, lasting about 20 minutes, located at #19 on the map.

Jazz Innie Bos…

Art Route Map

Click here to download a PDF version of the map of the Art Route. Copies will also be available at every principal artist’s location.

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