Philip John

Philip John

© Niels Bastiaensen

Before moving to Baardskeerdersbos in 2007, Philip had a career as an academic, lecturing Afrikaans and Dutch literature, mainly at the University of Transkei (now Walter Sisulu University). Living a less complicated life in BBos, he experienced a re-connection to nature and was presented with the opportunity to explore his creativity, particularly through exposure to the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route.

He discovered that the medium of cow dung was abundant in the area and began working with it as a sculptural material. Dung seems to bring elemental emotions and issues to the surface, including much humour. He soon felt a need to sensitise himself to colour, line, paper, paint, ink, and began working two dimensionally as well.

Philip says, “It has become clear to me that my thinking and work is informed by a growing suspicion of technology, but a suspicion tempered by the realisation that I don’t have an alternative or an answer, apart from following the faint tracks that appear when I manipulate “art” material.”

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