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© Richard van Ryneveld

© Richard van Ryneveld

Experience Overberg Issue 1 – Richard van Ryneveld

Seeing and Light are the two words that seem to sum up the quality of Baardskeerdersbos, the small rural settlement in the Overberg
My whole life has been tied up with the Overberg. Originally ‘migrants’ from Kenya, in 1965 my parents bought a farm near Bot River. Over the years I have discovered secrets about this area between the Hottentots Holland Mountains and the Breede River. The moment you think ‘I know this area’ along comes another Overberg gem that says ‘Sorry Boet, you know nuffinH.’ A recent trip to explore the Baardskeerdersbos Art route proved this point.

SA Venues – Wanda Coustas

Baardskeerdersbos – A Visit uncovers a Hamlet full of Artists
I have to admit to a certain fascination with Baardskeerdersbos even before my visit. I mean, what kind of town names itself after a tiny spider that cuts human hair to make its nest? And apparently this all began way back in the 1660s when an expedition of five men, sent by Jan van Riebeeck, gave a report on the valley, its Khoikhoi residents, and its spiders.

Overberg Business Magazine – Eloise Krige

There were 10 artists and 6 guest artists exhibiting their work. Painting, Sculpture, Printing, Photography, Jewellery, Furniture, Drawing, Etching and Functional Art were exhibited in 10 different venues. The map clearly indicated the venue, the artist exhibiting at that particular venue and the art form on display. Very well organised, thank you!

The Scenic South – Michele King

Baardskeerdersbos, a tiny hamlet with a great art route
Baardskeerdersbos. An intriguing hamlet with “five liquor licences, a church … and no coffee shop!”, home to an eclectic mix of creative newcomers and more conservative older residents, many of whom are members of the original farming families of the area.

Traveller 24 – Louzel Lombard

An artists’ escape in Baardskeerdersbos
Be honest – have you ever heard of Baardskeerdersbos, or Baardies, as the locals refer to it? Few towns in South Africa are as arty and secluded as Baardskeerdersbos.
The hide falls into the same category as Nieu-Bethesda or Hogsback in the Eastern Cape, Greyton in the Overberg, Pilgrim’s Rest in Mpumalanga, Clarens in the Free State and Nottingham Road in the KZN Midlands.

Show me South Africa

Although Baardskeerdersbos was first mentioned in 1660, when Jan van Riebeek sent an expedition to explore the Overberg, the village, in the beautiful Baardskeerdersbos Valley, has only recently come to the attention of visitors to this part of the world. Only 25km from Gansbaai, Baardskeerdersbos has become home to a thriving art community who open their homes three times a year, as part of the popular Baardskeerdersbos Art Route.

Baardkskeerdersbos Blogspot – Nikki Miles

The Heart of the Overberg
The first written mention of Baardskeerdersbos can be traced to 1660. An expedition-team of five men, sent by the founder of the Cape Colony, Jan van Riebeeck, reported on the valley and its Khoikhoi-residents. No doubt the little expedition will have spent the night in the open air and will have encountered the small spider-like creatures called “Baardscheerders” (“Beard Shavers”) known for cutting human hair for nest-making purposes.